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E-Commerce is our passion.

Together we can scale your business.

E-Commerce as a service

Allow your business to profit from our expertise.

Looking to enter the e-commerce sector and need a trustworthy partner with professional expertise? Niceshops is here to help! We cater to your individual requests and needs with a solution-driven approach. Let us handle the e-commerce, and we'll scale your company or product range in the best possible way.

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We are your nice(shops) partner!

Niceshops develops and operates online shops in a wide variety of segments, in numerous European markets. All our shops are characterised by a high-quality product range, outstanding usability and modern design. We are constantly developing our e-commerce expertise.

We integrate, scale and internationalise your company or product segment, taking over all business processes on your behalf: from state-of-the-art information technology and content management to logistics and customer support. 

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Meanwhile, you reap the benefits of our comprehensive infrastructure, so you can fully concentrate on your brand and product. This means that you gain a unique cost advantage, attain incomparable growth, and enjoy an innovative boost. 

Even though our online shops are all unique in their own right, they all share the same niceshops vision: respecting people and nature whilst operating in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner. It is our responsibility to live out this vision.

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Your advantages:

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    Business growth

    We scale your company globally - in a style specific to each country.

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    Save time

    As a one-stop shop partner, we offer you complete in-house e-commerce solutions with fast and efficient processing.

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    Focus on innovation

    We take over the online operations, so you can concentrate fully on your brand and product.

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    User-friendliness at its best

    Our online shop websites are characterised by outstanding page speeds - creating an optimal user experience for your customers.

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    Speedy shipping

    We excel in very fast shipping (within about 24h in AUT and DE and 72h in Switzerland). We also offer perfectly suited packaging.

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    We love performance

    We tackle all areas of performance marketing. Our marketing is creative, target group-oriented and always up-to-date. You can profit from it too!

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    International customer care

    Competent and friendly customer service is our top priority - and it's available in 16 languages.

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    Customised analyses

    Our data analytics tool enables detailed evaluations and reports for a customised approach to developing your company.

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Your online shop partner

Looking for a sustainable online shop solution? We offer e-commerce solutions with state-of-the-art information technology, content management, logistics and international customer support. 

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You choose – we implement!

Thanks to our comprehensive in-house infrastructure, we implement customised e-commerce solutions for you as a full-stack developer. Would you like to list individual product segments in one of our existing, industry-focused online shops? Or, would you like to outsource your logistics, putting them in the hands of experienced online retailers? Perhaps you're keen on creating your own online shop? With us, you'll get everything you need from a single source.

Simply choose from the following 3 models.

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    MODEL 1
    Showcasing your products: niceshops as a reseller

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  • Dienstleistung Modell 2 steve Icon

    MODEL 2
    Clever outsourcing with our fulfillment service "steve"

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  • Dienstleistungen Modell 3 Icon

    MODEL 3
    All-inclusive service with our "eCaaS" model

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Josef Kaufmann

Genuine professionals are at work at niceshops. We're happy to share our knowledge with ambitious and distinguished partners. What makes us different from the others? Everything. First and foremost, we treat our partners as if their business were our own. Appreciation and mutual inspiration are at the forefront of our approach.

Josef Kaufmann
Head of E-Commerce as a Service