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Values & benefits

Our corporate culture - For a satisfying (work) life

What kind of company do we want to be? One that is socially responsible. One that makes people feel good, feel respected, and feel appreciated. One that values fairness, equality, diversity, and inclusion, and truly works to implement these values. We want to live up to our aspirations, and we do - day by day.

Happy People

niceshops treats us well.

Nicepeople benefit from free lunches, flexible time management and many other remarkable benefits.

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Everybody wins at niceshops.

At niceshops, colleagues, partners and suppliers all reap the benefits (a win-win-win situation).


We work together as equals.

Nicepeople treat one another with respect. A hierarchical organisational structure only exists where it is absolutely necessary.

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We take responsibility for our future.

Nicepeople are aware of the consequences of their business activities and think about the environmental and regional impact of their work lives.

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We're open to new things and are result-oriented.

Nicepeople are open-minded and unconventional, working together to find solutions.

Our benefits – Life at its best

Icon Food

Good food – great mood
We enjoy delicious breakfast on a daily basis, full-course lunches, beverages, fruit and limitless coffee - all on the house. Best of all, our gourmet cooks only use fresh, seasonal and sustainable produce and ingredients.

Icon Work

Not your average “business as usual” atmosphere. Enjoy desirable work-from-home options at the location of your choice: Graz City Centre, Vienna or our headquarters in Saaz. 

Icon Balance

Stay focused and relaxed
In-house massages, free fitness and stabilisation courses and more - at niceshops we take a relaxed approach to new tasks.

Icon Emobility

Sustainable mobility  
We provide our employees with public transport subsidies, co-paying your "job ticket". Our colleagues can also use our e-cars and e-bikes for professional or private use.

Icon Selfcare

People are not robots. Through our cooperation with Instahelp, an anonymous online platform for professional psychological counselling, we support our colleagues in the challenges they face in both their professional and private lives.

Icon Vertrauen

Trust leads the way
At niceshops, we've built a team of confidants that lend a neutral ear to personal conflicts within the company. We believe that there is a solution to every problem - sometimes you just need a little help. 

Icon Kind

When children well cared for …
… parents thrive. We offer our colleagues a childcare subsidy of up to 1,000 euros annually. We also provide childcare during the summer holidays in the form of a summer kindergarten.

Icon Ausstattung

Top-notch equipment
State-of-the-art software and hardware, offices with a living-room vibe, ergonomic workstations and company mobile phones (that can be utilised for private use) - our company is paving the way!

Icon Freundeskreis

Circle of friends

Legendary summer and Christmas parties, as well as outings, free after-work drinks, or simply letting your mind wander in our garden – free your mind and enjoy your workplace!

Icon Shoppen

Happy shopping 

Get corporate benefits in all our online shops and other well-known companies. Shop to your heart’s content with reduced prices for staff.

Icon Perspektiven

Always focusing on new perspectives

Attaining new skills, exchanging knowledge, sharing experiences and doing so with curiosity and fun: on our niceCampus platform, we offer attractive professional and personal training courses to anyone who is interested in development.

Icon ankommen

Come in, feel good and get started

To ensure a smooth transition into the world of niceshops, new colleagues undergo an onboarding process whilst being trained by an experienced employee.

Image Unternehmenskultur

What do our nicepeople have to say about their place of employment?

Satisfied and happy colleagues make up the foundation of our success. The feel-at-home atmosphere is showcased in different ways: unique working conditions, positive feedback; and an unparalleled sense of togetherness and community make up the core of our corporate culture.

We feel honoured!

A huge thank you to our colleagues for their wonderful reviews:

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At niceshops, we work, live, laugh and celebrate together. Here you are seen as a human being and are appreciated and supported in the best possible way.