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  • New international shops

    Wednesday, 01. April 2020

    New international shops

    Working from home has not been easy with the global situation being as it is. But, even so, our fantastic translator team has managed to launch 9Weine and Bloomling in Italy and Switzerland!

    Bloomling lists all your garden needs, from tools to soil and seeds. Now available in Italian (Italy and Switzerland).

    9Weine, the first fully curated online wine store for wine lovers, is now open to all Swiss customers.

    9Weine Switzerland

    Bloomling Italy

    Bloomling Switzerland Italian

  • niceshops: Experience Tours

    Friday, 28. February 2020

    niceshops: Experience Tours

    As of late, we are offering tours at our headquarters in Saaz, Austria as part of the "Erlebniswelt Wirtschaft" - an experienced tour through the fascinating world of e-commerce. This allows you, the visitor, to experience our innovative company first-hand. Take a look behind the scenes and learn more about certain aspects of the company, such as our very own cosmetics production site or get more hands-on in the picking and packaging of orders.

    Find out more here.

  • Nice Christmas Lights

    Wednesday, 18. December 2019

    Nice Christmas Lights

    Maybe someone has already noticed it if they have driven past our camp at night: this year, our building shines in wonderful Christmas motifs.

    This is our way of saying thank you. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas. ❤️

  • We are CO2-neutral

    Monday, 21. October 2019

    We are CO2-neutral

    niceshops has reached another incredible milestone: we are CO2-neutral! Our company was able to achieve this goal by implementing a 3-part sustainability strategy:


    Our fleet of electric cars, which is continuously being expanded, saves on CO2 emissions


    In addition, CO2 emissions are reduced by implementing various different measures, such as :

    • sustainable buildings constructed from wood or are well insulated.
    • our site in Paldau is cooled and/or heated with waste heat from a biogas plant.
    • niceshops has been using environmentally friendly, plastic-free materials for the packaging and shipping of parcels for years.


    All other CO2 emissions are offset via the ReGreen company. niceshops invests in a mix of UNO-certified projects for the reduction of greenhouse gases in Bangladesh, India and Peru. Further regional compensation measures are being planned.

  • niceshops achieved record sales

    Monday, 30. September 2019

    niceshops achieved record sales

    Thursday past, our annual sales' mark exceeded that of last year's. Our figures have been increasing steadily since, taking us into new sales horizons.

    On that note, we would like to take the opportunity to thank all our customers, business partners and employees. This would not have been achieved without your dedicated support.

  • Müller joins niceshops

    Monday, 15. July 2019

    Müller joins niceshops

    The drugstore group Müller now holds 26% of niceshops GmbH, taking Müller's online trade to a new level.

    niceshops CEO, Roland Fink, is pleased about this "future-oriented partnership, which will accelerate our own growth even further. We are proud to be able to support the digitalisation framework of a successful European retail group."

  • We're Expanding Once Again

    Tuesday, 25. June 2019

    We're Expanding Once Again

    We're broadening our horizons: Cosmeterie is now available in Bulgaria and YAASA has opened its virtual doors in the following European markets:

    • Italy
    • The Netherlands
    • Poland
    • Sweden
    • Switzerland
    • Slovenia
    • Hungary

    Wednesday, 08. May 2019


    Now you can purchase the elegant height-adjusting tables by YAASA at our new online shop! Available in various colours and styles.

    • modern, cable-free design
    • easy to assemble
    • free delivery
    • reduces backache - the table can be adjusted to your individual height whether seated or standing
    • increase in productivity as standing stimulates the metabolism and blood flow

    Browse YAASA here (German version).

  • Wednesday, 08. May 2019

    niceshops Takes off in Belgium

    Niceshops is becoming even more international and now our Belgian friends can look forward to shopping with us too.

    The following list of our online shops are now available via the respective Belgian domain:

    • No more sweating
    • Biolindo
    • Bloomling
    • Cosmeterie
    • Ecco Verde
    • EquusVitalis
    • From Austria
    • Genii Health
    • Hands On Veggies
    • Interismo
    • Piccantino
    • Pure Skin Food
    • & Vitalabo

  • Olibetta Launches

    Thursday, 28. February 2019

    Olibetta Launches

    Our latest online project, Olibetta, has opened its virtual doors. There you'll find all you require for creating beautiful aquascapes, high-quality aquariums and more.

    Olibetta (currently available in German)

  • 9Weine is ONLINE

    Wednesday, 20. February 2019

    9Weine is ONLINE

    9Weine, your new one-stop wine online shop is live!

    Now you can order your fave selection of wines for any occasion from the comfort of your couch!

    We have a wide assortment of exquisite, high-quality wines on offer.

    Take a browse: 9Weine (currently available in German)

  • Breathe ILO: Your Personal Fertility Tracker

    Monday, 18. February 2019

    Breathe ILO: Your Personal Fertility Tracker

    We've welcomed Breathe ILO to our niceshops family!

    Your personal fertility tracker that accurately predicts the most fertile days in your cycle by simply breathing into the Breath ILO device for only a minute.

    Find out more here: Breathe ILO

  • Bloomling: Flair for your Home & Garden

    Thursday, 20. December 2018

    Bloomling: Flair for your Home & Garden

    Relaunched and rebranded: Pflanzenfee is now bloomling!

    What's more, the English version is live too. Home to an array of bulbs, seeds, soil, garden accessories and more.

    Browse the site here: |

  • Best Workplace 2018

    Monday, 29. October 2018

    Best Workplace 2018

    niceshops received the "Best Workplace 2018" award from Kununu and Industrieverband Büro und Arbeitswelt (IBA). This makes us the best place to work among all medium-sized companies in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).

    In addition, we also received a special award for "Design & Work Atmosphere".

  • Cosmeterie: Our new cosmetic online shop

    Monday, 01. October 2018

    Cosmeterie: Our new cosmetic online shop

    Our new shop is now online: Cosmeterie

    Your destination for trendy, premium cosmetic brands from around the globe. From cult make-up to luxury skincare - the haven for die-hard beauty fans.

    Browse the selection here: |

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