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  • Austrohemp Goes Online in Finland & Croatia

    Wednesday, 28. June 2017

    Austrohemp Goes Online in Finland & Croatia

    We have launched Austrohemp in two more languages! Our Finish and Croatian customers are now able to shop and be assisted by our Customer Support Team in their native tongue. 

    Now you too are able to enjoy the benefits of all that Austrohemp has to offer |

  • Introducing Two New Languages

    Wednesday, 24. May 2017

    Introducing Two New Languages

    We are proud to announce that Ecco Verde, our largest online shop, has launched in Turkish and Slovakian. 

    Now more European customers have the possibility of shopping in their mother tongue. We are working on launching several new online shops in these two languages. So stay tuned! |

  • Federal Chancellor Visits niceshops

    Thursday, 20. April 2017

    Federal Chancellor Visits niceshops

    Today, Federal Chancellor Christian Kern visited our new logistics centre in Saaz, Austria. 

    He was taken on the grand tour and mingled with our employees while also taking the time to sign a few greetings cards that were placed into packages being dispatched. 


  • Geero - In Stock Again

    Friday, 17. March 2017

    Geero - In Stock Again

    This week welcomes the new 2017 Geero models and they are patiently awaiting new owners. 

    The Geero is now also available with a low-step frame for ladies and new sizes for gents ranging from 54 cm o 60 cm. | | |

  • 14 New Shops Online

    Friday, 20. January 2017

    14 New Shops Online

    Just in time for the New Year, we have launched a total of 14 new online shops in 7 different countries throughout Europe. 

    Take a browse and discover what's new in the world of niceshops: 

    Purecaps Germany | Purecaps Hungary

    Dietavita Switzerland | Dietavita Hungary | Dietavita France

    No more sweat Hungary

    Austrohemp Hungary | Austrohemp France | Austrohemp Switzerland

    Ayurveda101 Italy | Ayurveda101 dating in Switzerland Pueskinfood Slovenia | Pureskinfood Finland

  • We're Offering Next Day Delivery to Hungary!

    Monday, 07. November 2016

    We're Offering Next Day Delivery to Hungary!

    Orders placed Monday - Thursday before 11am will be driven in niceshops trucks to Hungary, where they will be taken over by the "Magyar Posta" and will be delivered the next day. For orders placed on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, we will transfer the packages to the "Magyar Posta" on Monday. They will then be delivered on Tuesday.

  • Easier Delivery for Swiss Customers

    Thursday, 20. October 2016

    Easier Delivery for Swiss Customers

    As of immediately, Swiss customers no longer need to declare their products themselves. We'll take care of all of the customs declarations, saving them that red tape. 

    We also have a new delivery route. Now, once parcels reach the Swiss border, the Swiss Post takes over the delivery of the parcels. 

    Here's to making shopping from Switzerland even nicer :) 

  • Niceshops and Feinstoff are Expanding Together!

    Tuesday, 20. September 2016

    Niceshops and Feinstoff are Expanding Together!

    In 2015, Feinstoff GmbH grew by 256% through their expansion into new markets and their new product development. To secure their growth financially, they began looking for an investor. They found the right match with us :) Niceshops is now involved as a strategic investor in the Feinstoff company. "Feinstoff is the ideal partner to expand our already successful B2C business into the B2B sector," said Roland Fink, niceshop's CEO.

    Matthias Schodits, Feinstoff's CEO, also sees the advantages of the partnership: "Our strategic investment reflects the future we see and the opportunity to use nicehsops infrastructure. This includes the new logistics center in Feldbach and their state of the art software and IT solutions. "

    Using niceshops's services, Feinstoff can optimize its supply chain and serve its customers more efficiently to accelerate the globalization of their nutrient-rich, vegan foods.


  • Who Has the Happiest Employees in Austria?

    Tuesday, 30. August 2016

    Who Has the Happiest Employees in Austria?

    Kununu, an employer's evaluation platform,  evaluated their data for all Austrian employers, and Niceshops won first place in two categories. 

    • "Excellent" Ranking "Employers with the Best Managers in Austria"
      "In terms of superior performance, the company from Feldbach has a satisfaction level of 4.93 points out of 5, which is an excellent score".

    • #1 Ranking "The Happiest Workplace"
      We made it in the first place! We're happy for ourselves, but are even more happy for our employees. 

    In terms of employee satisfaction, we're proud of our achievement and are looking foward to making even more improvements. 

    Be nice!


  • Geero - Our New E-bike Shop

    Tuesday, 26. July 2016

    Geero - Our New E-bike Shop

    Another new shop has gone online! 

    At Geero we now offer e-bikes that stand out from the crowd due to their invisible batteries.

    The name Geero stands for:

    • innovative, sophisticated design with easy serviceability
    • top technology
    • an unbeatable price

    What are you waiting for? Drop by the shop and check out the Geero E-bike in a classic, retro style.

  • 3DJake is Available in Poland

    Thursday, 21. July 2016

    3DJake is Available in Poland

    3DJake is boldly blazing ahead! 

    We are pleased to announce that we are now able to supply Poland with the best 3D printers, filaments and accessories for perfect 3D printing.

  • Austrohemp is Online!

    Friday, 10. June 2016

    Austrohemp is Online!

    Hemp has been known to man as a useful plant for thousands of years. It is one of the most versatile plants ever. You can use it to produce textiles and paper to food products and many other different things.

    The new Austrohemp shop recently went online. The Austrohemp brand stands for high quality food supplements and foods made from hemp, hemp seeds and hemp protein. All products are available in the best organic quality and free of pesticides, hormones and antibiotics.

    Why not try one of these tasty treats?

  • All Our Shops are Responsive!

    Wednesday, 01. June 2016

    All Our Shops are Responsive!

    Enjoy the perfect shopping experience on whatever device you want to use. All of the shops in the niceshops world are now responsive, or mobile friendly :) 

    Have fun on the go, at home, or on your tablet! 

  • Tuesday, 15. March 2016

    Three New Shops Online!

    Last week went three of our online stores went online in new European markets.

    Biolindo, our shop for environmentally sustainable cleaning products is now represented in France and Spain with two new websites. 

    From now on, our Spanish customers can also shop for dietary supplements on VitalAbo in their native language.

    Finally 3DJake, the newest shop of the Niceshops group, has gone online in the UK and internationally with its English webpage.

    Now our customers throughout Europe can order 3D printers and accessories comfortably from their own homes. | |

  • Friday, 15. January 2016

    How to Get Half a Million Clients Europe-Wide & in Niche Markets

    Roland Fink, niceshop's CEO, recently gave a lechture at the E-Commerce Exhibition "Internet World" as a part of the panel "E-Commerce Abroad: Best Practice - A look beyond success stories". On Tuesday, March 1, 2016, he presented on the subject of "How to Get Half a Million Clients Europe-Wide and In Niche Markets", giving insight into niceshop's sucess.