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  • Lots of New Languages Online!

    Monday, 02. May 2022

    Lots of New Languages Online!

    Our team of translators has really outdone themselves the last couple of weeks! ine of our shops have gone online in new languages.

    • is now available in Spain, Croatia, Portugal and Sweden.

    • VitalAbo is now online in Slovak.

    • bloomling recently started speaking French.

    • From Austria is now online in Polish.

    • oh feliz is now available in Polish and Italian.

    • PURE SKIN FOOD has gone online in Poland, the Czech Republic, Finland, Croatia, Sweden, Portugal and the Netherlands as well as in the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium.

    • Hand on Veggies now speaks Czech, Finnish, Slovak and Portuguese.

    • Badger Ben is now available in English, Italian, French, Dutch, Slovenian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Slovak, Polish and Swedish.

    • PlayPolis is now available in Italian, Swedish and Slovenian.

    A big thank you to everyone who made this possible.

  • Niceshops Merges with

    Wednesday, 16. February 2022

    Niceshops Merges with "AustroConnect"

    In Graz, Vienna, Linz and Salzburg, niceshops parcels are already being delivered via CO²-neutral bicycle messenger services. Thanks to the merger with AustroConnect, these services can be expanded further to more metropolitan areas in Europe. We'll also offer the service to external retailers.

  • New Year, New Languages!

    Monday, 10. January 2022

    New Year, New Languages!

    Our PURE SKIN FOOD shop is now available in Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and Dutch. Many thanks to our Translate Team for the excellent work!

    PURE SKIN FOOD Portuguese

    PURE SKIN FOOD Spanish

    PURE SKIN FOOD Swedish


  • Vitalabo & Ayurveda101 are Online in More Countries!

    Monday, 06. December 2021

    Vitalabo & Ayurveda101 are Online in More Countries!

    Vitalabo, our shop for dietary supplements, well-being products and health trends, is now available in Swedish.

    Our Hungarian-speaking customers can now browse a huge selection of Ayurvedic products by top brands in their native language at Ayurveda101!

    Vitalabo Sweden

    Ayurveda101 Hungary

  • New Countries for Our Shops

    Tuesday, 23. November 2021

    New Countries for Our Shops

    As of now, oh feliz in Portuguese, Interismo in Swedish, playPolis in English and Ecco Verde in Czech are online:

    oh feliz Portugal

    Interismo Sweden

    playPolis UK

    playPolis international

    Ecco Verde Czech Republic

  • Another Week, More Shop Languages Online!

    Wednesday, 03. November 2021

    Another Week, More Shop Languages Online!

    Two of our online shops have gone a bit more international!

    Interismo, the first port of call for a perfect home, is now accessible in French in Belgium, France and Switzerland.

    oh feliz - our online shop for perfumes, make-up etc. - is now accessible in English in the UK and the international site is also online.

    Interismo Belgium | France | Switzerland

    oh feliz Great Britain | International

  • Pure Skin Food is online in Bulgarian and Dutch

    Friday, 15. October 2021

    Pure Skin Food is online in Bulgarian and Dutch

    Our online shops are once again a bit more international!

    Pure Skin Food recently went online in Bulgaria and in Dutch in Belgium.

    Pure Skin Food Bulgaria

    Pure Skin Food Belgium

  • New Shops in New Countries

    Tuesday, 12. October 2021

    New Shops in New Countries

    We've gone a bit more international!

    Pure Skin Food has gone online in Slovakia, Labelhair in Italian-speaking Switzerland and FromAustria in Dutch in the Netherlands and Belgium have recently gone online.

    Pure Skin Food Slovakia

    Labelhair Switzerland Italian

    FromAustria Netherlands - FromAustria Belgium

  • 9Weine Italy is Online

    Thursday, 09. September 2021

    9Weine Italy is Online

    9Weine, the first fully curated online wine store for wine lovers, is now open to all Italian customers.

    Salute & chin chin!

    9Wines Italy

  • New Shops in New Countries

    Wednesday, 01. September 2021

    New Shops in New Countries

    Our online shops are once again a bit more international. Recently, oh feliz in Sweden, 3DJake in Portugal, Ayurveda101 in Bulgaria and Equus Vitalis in French have gone online in France, Switzerland and Belgium.

    Oh feliz Sweden

    3DJake Portugal

    Ayurveda101 Bulgaria

    Equus Vitalis France | Equus Vitalis Switzerland | Equus Vitalis Belgium

  • 3DJake Goes More International

    Monday, 30. August 2021

    3DJake Goes More International

    3DJake, our 3D printing shop, is - once again - a bit more international.

    Now everyone who speaks Portuguese can shop for 3D printers, 3D scanners, filaments and more in their native language.

    3DJake Portugal

  • niceshops Acquires Labelhair

    Thursday, 29. July 2021

    niceshops Acquires Labelhair

    Niceshops continued its growth offensive and acquired Labelhair, the sixth start-up niceshops has taken on within a short period of time.

    Labelhair is a promising portal for professional hair care products, styling products and accessories. Originally, Labelhair worked with niceshops through a service partnership, but soon a merger was the obvious choice due to the rapid organic growth of the shop.

    Labelhair's growth will be accelerated through the internationalisation of the online shop. The successful Labelhair team continues to bring its expertise in the industry to developing the shop.

  • oh feliz Starts in the Netherlands

    Monday, 26. July 2021

    oh feliz Starts in the Netherlands

    oh feliz, one of our newest shops, is now available in Dutch. This means that customers in the Netherlands and Belgium can now shop for perfumes, make-up and other products from top international brands in their own language.

    oh feliz Netherlands

    oh feliz Belgium (in Dutch)

  • niceshops takes over SHÖPY

    Wednesday, 14. July 2021

    niceshops takes over SHÖPY

    Niceshops took over the SHÖPY start-up marketplace!

    Soon after it was founded, SHÖPYquickly became the largest marketplace for start-up products in the German-speaking world. Through this platform, new companies receive valuable support in becoming online businesses, allowing them to quickly open up new sales channels.

    In the future, SHÖPY is to be built up into the largest start-up platform in Europe.

  • niceshops Wins Austrian Export Award

    Wednesday, 30. June 2021

    niceshops Wins Austrian Export Award

    niceshops GmbH has won the Austrian Export Award in Gold in the category Trade.

    The award was presented to niceshops Managing Directors Roland Fink and Christoph Schreiner as well as Sophie Ryba, Managing Director of the subsidiary Cosmeterie, during the "Exporters' Nite" at the Museumsquartier in Vienna.

  • ...