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Who We Are

Sustainable Success

Niceshops GmbH is an internationally active Austrian online trading and e-commerce company with headquarters in Saaz, Styria, and additional locations in Graz, Vienna and Ulm. The company operates around 40 different shop portals - a total of 341 international online shops.

20,000 Parcels Daily
Niceshops currently sends up to 20,000 parcels all over the world every day. Niceshops is the only service provider in Central Europe that offers “next-day delivery” as standard in 5 markets. This means that customers in Rome, Berlin, Budapest, Ljubljana and of course in Vienna can order until noon and their items will be delivered the next day. This service is offered across Europe at an additional cost.

More than 1 Million Active Customers
Niceshops currently serves more than one million active customers in 16 languages. Among other things, with "3D JAKE", "Ecco Verde" and "" it is the market leader in several European countries and also develops its own products in the areas of organic cosmetics and e-bikes. The product range has expanded to more than two million products since the company was founded in 2010. Sales increase on average between 40% and 70% per year. In 2020, the turnover limit of 100 million euros was exceeded for the first time. A turnover of around 160 million euros is planned for 2021.

All Core Competencies Under One Roof
Internationalisation (80% export quota) is part of the DNA of niceshops and, coupled with a targeted niche strategy, forms the cornerstone of the growth strategy. The basis of successful economic development is the fact that all core competencies necessary for e-commerce (software development, performance marketing, logistics and support) can be mapped in the company, as well as the extraordinarily high level of employee satisfaction.

Awarded Several Times as the Best Employer
Niceshops has been recognised time and again by numerous international awards as the best employer and as a family and environmentally friendly company. The modern employee model is based on togetherness on an equal footing, extensive social benefits and an exceptionally positive working environment.

Climate Neutral Since 2018
Niceshops uses environmentally friendly and plastic-free materials for shipping, uses 100% green electricity, a third of which is produced by the in-house photovoltaic system. The logistics centre in Saaz is heated with the waste heat from the neighbouring farmer's biogas plant. By using a considerable fleet of e-cars and the high energy efficiency of the building infrastructure, as much CO2 emissions as possible are avoided. Any emissions that occur are offset through eco-social projects.

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The philosophy of

"Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs and to choose their own lifestyle.''

United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro, 1992

Sustainability & Culture

Pioneer in Ecological and Social Terms

Niceshops is not only an economical success. The company places its ecological and social responsibility at the centre of its actions. Environmentally friendly, plastic-free materials are used in shipping. The in-house photovoltaic system with a total output of 781 kWp produces green electricity, generally 100% green electricity, and the main location in Saaz is heated and cooled with the waste heat from the neighboring farmer's biogas plant. Particular emphasis is placed on the fact that employees feel really comfortable in their workplace.

Niceshops has been working as climate neutral since 2018

From efficient energy systems, an award-winning packaging concept to the largest e-car charging park in Austria, niceshops uses every opportunity to minimize CO2 emissions. The excess of emissions, which is unavoidable despite all ecological measures, is compensated for by means of certificates from "HELIOZ". This finances water treatment plants in Bangladesh and relieves the climate.

Plastic-free shipping

Niceshops has switched 98% of its packages to compostable material. Only in very few exceptions, such as bulky goods, is there an alternative to recyclable plastic film. In addition, thanks to a special patent for shipping and returns, the innovative packages from niceshops can be reused without any adhesive tape - a solution that has been awarded the Austrian State Prize for the Packaging Industry.

The company's credo: "Be nice!"

This is the most important motto that runs through all areas of the company and is based on two pillars - satisfied employees and an environment worth living in. Because economic success and ecologically and socially sustainable action are mutually dependent - without economic success we cannot work sustainably and without sustainability we cannot be successful in the long term.

At niceshops, the employees are doing very well.

Mutual appreciation and a familiar approach to one another characterise the corporate culture of niceshops. Employees can look forward to many benefits such as free breakfast and lunch, free fitness offers, flexible working hours and childcare. In recent years, Niceshops has been recognized as the best retail employer in Europe, the most environmentally friendly employer in German-speaking countries and the most family-friendly retail company in Austria.

Everyone wins with niceshops.

Niceshops also treats its customers, partners and suppliers fairly and takes its social responsibility seriously, not least by supporting numerous schools, clubs and youth projects.