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Who we are

We develop online shops in various product segments in several European markets.

We have about 350,000 people visiting our shops every month - we generate over 10,000 orders per month or one order every 5 minutes. Order at our shops! 24 hours a day - 7 days a week - 365 days a year!

We have 24-hour delivery service in Austria, Germany, Slovenia & across Europe (surcharges apply), access to 10 European languages and our own warehouse with more than 180,000 constantly available products that make us a strong player in E-commerce.

We currently operate the following markets in their respective languages: English, German, Italian, Slovenian, Bulgarian, Polish, Hungarian, French, Croatian, Romanian and Spanish.

The entire logistics process is handled from Feldbach in Styria - Meanwhile, more than 150,000 packages leave our warehouse in a year.

All websites with a variety of products have this in common:

  • A finely sorted product range from the respective product area.
  • The excellent price/performance ratio
  • The fastest possible purchase and delivery system available
  • Trouble-free Warranty and Exchange Policy
  • Always helpful, cheerful and friendly communication with our customers!


Lots of regular customers who continuously develop the shops with their feedback, according to their taste.

The philosophy of

"Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs and to choose their own lifestyle.''

United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro, 1992

Sustainability & Culture

For our whole group, sustainability and environmental protection are the central pillars of our philosophy.

We already act sustainably in the adaptation of our office building. Frosted glass windows were replaced with clear glass windows to save light energy. The insulation has been improved in our warehouse – this not only saves a lot of energy but also saves on costs. Cooling units have been bought for high energy efficiency, and in the procurement of hardware, we pay less attention to performance as we do to the economy of energy.

It is important for us that environmental protection begins with each employee personally. Therefore we make sure that all devices are switched off outside operating hours. We also put great importance on correctly separating waste.

We even pay attention to sustainability when it comes to the shipping of our packages. For this reason, in recent months we have switched the filling material of our packages where possible to compostable material. 95% of our packages now have biodegradable organic chips as filler material.

Therefore, we also look for sustainability, production methods and green philosophies in our suppliers so that we can ensure you the best products and the best production standards.

Questionable products are taken off the product range or not included, to begin with.